Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here are the clowns for Make-a-Wish 2009 Convoy on May 11th, Mothers' Day !!! We had 48 clowns help today! Look for my pictures on Picasa:
Look for the story on my AirstreamHobo Blog :
The Clowns collected over $13,000.00 along the convoy route of 27 miles....Thanks Clowns for helping the Wish Kids!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cylo (Barnstormers Mascot) & Obie were at the Pleasant View Retirement Community Today April 18, 2009.

What a Beautiful Day in Penn Township. It was Sunny in the 70's and a great day to be out!!! Many of the residents had family and friends join them today on the grounds. There was plenty to do and see. Local clubs and Organzations were on hand to open their ideas to all. There was even a Kids Auction with Obie as Auctioneering( I think I will keep my day job!!!) all the kids stuff...bicycles, baskets of goodies, games & DVD's.

There were Fire trucks, Police Depts.,Barrel Train Ride, Song & Dance bands with little kids and older kids too having a Dance recittal at noon. Food stands everywhere. An afternoon Auction drew a full house crowd!!!! A great day to spend with Family!! Check out my Album for more pictures!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Make-a-Wish Clowns at Maple Farms

Here is the Gang that Sneakers & Toodle Lou took to Maple Farms Nursing Home in Akron. Don't they look Sharp!!! Look in the album for more shots under Maple Farms

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Make-a-Wish Clowns at Pleasant View Retirement Home, Manheim,Pa.

April 11,2009, today the Make-a-Wish clowns had a dress rehearsel at the office. After showing off our new outfits (GoodWill store bought)we had a discussion period concerning the Convoy this year. This is planning to be our BIGGEST YEAR Yet!!!!

After lots of laughs we split up in 2 groups and headed for local Retirement Homes. I took my group to Pleasant View Home in Manheim. We entertained the guests at the Dining halls and then walked the halls peeking into the rooms. I sure we made alot of smiles happpen today. We handed out stickers to the residents also. See the album for more pictures.

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 4,2009... I did a clown show for the Wash DC Unit at their annual Cherry Blossom Rally in Upper Marlboro, Md. There were 49 Airstreams there with many families. About 20 kids and parents enjoyed the show with "Obie" All the kids got Balloon Swords at the end of the Show. Check out CBR album Obie is even getting into his dressing room (airstream)......

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here is Mike Graham @ka "Sparky" the Clown helping at the Make - a Wish Clown Makeup Class. Mike was one of the first clowns of the Make-a-Wish Convoys. He and I started the Clown Alley for the Convoy way back then. It has grown to over 35 clowns and growing every year!! This years class had 30 new Wanna "B" Clowns. Mike has since retired as a Clown but still adds Valuable Ideas to Us All...Thanks "Sparky"
Here is an over view of the clowns in class, check out our Album for more pictures
We had a great time trying on our new faces to make Kids Happy. A couple more times of practice and we will have a great looking Face!!! Our next class will be a rehearsel on April 11th, we plan to dress-up and visit local Nursing Homes to cheer up the local residents.
Then we are Ready!! for Mothers' Day Convoy!! Don't FORGET....May 10th , this is our day to SHINE for those Special Wish Kids!!!!! Come join us for the DAY at Burle Industries on New Holland Pike. There is something for everyone!!! Clowns, Food,Auction, Food,Games for kiddies, Food,Bounce Castle, Food!!, Entertainment, did I say there is Food Here??Trucks & Trucks & Trucks !!!
Be there all day starting at 8am,then the "LOUD" AirHorns of the Convoy Begin at 1:30 and all Hundreds of Trucks leave the parking lot for a 29 mile Convoy to Ephrata and back to Burle......
You ain't see nothing yet till you see this World's Largest Truck Convoy (last year... 361 trucks)!!!! Look at the Make-a-Wish Album also for last years pictures. These Truckers have the Biggest Hearts and haul these Wish Kids with them down the Highway!! Bring your Cameras!!!! What A Mothers Day Gift to all Mothers!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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